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If you read my last two posts, honestly, the Indonesian speaking is purely translate from Google. The reason I am lazy made translatenya and I also still have not determined my market, whether people who ball Indonesia or Indonesia. As I promise, I will discuss or take an opinion on arranged marriage culture, or if its English, Regulated Marriage.

What is an arranged marriage? According to KBBI, there is no special meaning. But if we try the word of organized marriage, a marriage is planned and approved by both families (guardians) of the bride and groom. Can be seen in the picture below.

budaya perjodohan

Arranged Marriage in Google and Indonesia translation.


Arranged Marriage Culture in Indonesia

Before we talk about marriages abroad, there is what we pay arranged marriage culture that takes place in Indonesia. When research (read: googling) I did not find any significant about the arranged marriage culture that existed in Indonesia, there are some tribes that govern the marriage between them. There are many turns, can be viewed on this blog.

From the list of cultures, the most famous is Batak culture, a Batak man is prohibited to marry the same marganya. So can not marry a father’s cousin, especially uncle. In addition to religion, it turns out the marriage / marriage is also determined by the tribe. Interesting right?

Arranged Marriage Culture in East Asia

Yes. I make East Asia, because it does not only happen in India or Pakistan, in the surrounding country is still going the same thing. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of the teachings of religion. If he is a Muslim, then when it is time, start thinking whether to marry the choice of the heart or the choice of parents. Afterwards the agreement between the kin-kin. Simply it must be met, but there are also who managed to break the tradition. One of the reasons I think the most unique is race.

There are some tribes who want to happen in the tribe. Moreover, it damages the skin color. Indeed, it seems natural that we, as humans prefer to marry the same race, but there is also a mixed marriage. In India, impressed very patriarchy, usually arranged marriage is tailored to the father. If in Pakistan, it is usually more inclined to the Matriarchy. Pakistani men will choose what their mothers choose. Perhaps this is a factor of religion, because Pakistan is generally a Muslim country, so they apply the heaven that is on your feet.


It’s funny enough to be a sub-heading. But, from the knowledge I got through two weeks in an Indonesian group with Pakistan, one of the most heavily tribal tribes with arranged marriage is Pathan. Genealogically, Pathan is a large space, there are still many sub-tribes scattered in Pakistan.

Pathan Tribes in Pakistan

There are 78 tribes spares. Since I’ve been kicked out of the group, I do not know if the sentence in general, or it only happens in some tribes only. Like people who have relationships with Pakistanis, I honestly would be more willing to know about the culture of marriage there. Once a time I was asked by the people there, how the culture of marriage in my tribe, I can say Malay.

From the beginning of knowing, what I know is that he is a Khattak. I do not know Khattak is part of Pashtun. Hey, can we stop talking her identity?

Arranged Marriage is Successful

There’s an article I’m looking for when looking for information on arranged marriage traditions, that is, arranged marriage’s evidence (data) is a success. An article from Utpal Dholakia, who is a lecturer at RICE University, says many young people (19-35) prefer match-making rather than self-choice. According to him, there are 3 reasons why many young people choose arranged marriage, that is to let go of the difficult aspects of choice, choose with little consideration, and lastly, is the one I like the most, starting a relationship with lower expectations (expectations).

This brought me into the past, when there was a debate between marriage and marriage. It was at that time I myself who more agree with the idea of ​​arranging marriage. My reason at the time was, parents would want the best for children, why we as a child struggle to plunge ourselves? Well, this is for now, let’s meet again. (saf)


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