Baby Wolf


By listening Ouija Board, Ouija Board by Morrissey, let’s we start this random thoughts of mine, about certain person. He has many name, the wolf, baby, or maybe baby wolf-as per this tittle.

Wolfie didn’t come to office yesterday, he said that he has severe case of food poisoning. But, I think, he’s lying about it. No further discussion why he lie, but we should focus on what I talked about in meeting Room with my lovely sister.

Briefly… she said, if I want him, just ask him. He already know, and he is kinda protecting you from bad rumors. Shocked, never expect this kind of reality and used to feel that he’s somehow trying to hide something, by less talking… err… I meant texting.

She said, it’s now or never, I might be lose him if I am not ready on the relationship. Both of us not ready. He’s not ready to do the same shit things again, and I am not ready to committed to a relationship.

We were talking to the day when I found that he ran after me (on fucking Thursday) and I was asking the question to some people. And she said, that was a turning point, he felt he has to cover you something. To save you.

Not ready

I am not ready. Really. I want to cure him first, then start a fresh. That’s the ideal condition. Not right now, not today, not tomorrow. But… yes, I want hug him, somehow.

Shall I?

Been asked my friend about it. And he stated quite the same. He is just doesn’t want to make my unhappy about staying with him. He has terrible past, and I acknowledge it, all we have to do is communicate, to sort the problems and feeling as well.


I am too eager.

Every breath, his name in it. Can’t deny. Even I want to scream his name, all loud. But I have to think about it more, actually I have  considered about his circumstances, and I am not asking for a celebration, I just need a declaration. That we will live to the fullest, and always be happy.

But for now, I need to be his friend. No more bargain, friend for life.

That is about my baby wolf.


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