Well… I supposed to study. I have to. But I can’t bear this moment. Sadness, Happiness, and Sleepiness. Well, the last one was lie. I don’t know the reason I am being sad, or happy. The exact reason. But let me tell you what I’ve been through yesterday.

I was studying Data Structures in Library. Then came an idea about giving a surprise to Fah and Azki, they were celebrate their birthday in consecutive day. And I was joining and enjoying my time there. And previously I was messaging with my friend out there.

I was on a mission. I still want to admire someone that already filled my days back years ago. I won’t tell you who he is, I bet all of you knew. Then it comes to the silly thing.

I was asking him (my friend, coincidentally goes to same univ to this unknown or the Mr. Moron) where Mr. Moron lives. I don’t have intention to come and pass by. I just love to seeing him happy, from the distance.

Maybe the reason I enjoyed my life here because I don’t live nearby. I didn’t see him, I didn’t have a chance to look after him again and again. Maybe it is distraction or simply a weakness. And this friend of mine really did an unpredictable job.

I asked him where that man is live. And he directly asked him. Even showed me the chat. And I am really screaming. I was like ‘You fool, bloody bastard. You swine… you…dumb…’ that’s when the thing, that I believed I don’t have for such time, came again.

Then we (yes, my friends and I were surprising Fah) had chit and chat a bit longer. They discussed about their internal problem in community or something when I was texting with him, a friend of mine.

Then I am suddenly seen unpredictable thing. It’s about relationship, it’s about friendship and things. My friend just broke up with his girl, and he posted what he felt through facebook. And he was mentioning his girl facebook.

I asked Sisca. “Hey Sis, did he just broke up?” Then Sisca tried to answer “He’s asking for a chance?” And well. I didn’t know until he told me so. And that time I was sad. Like I shouldn’t force him doing anything that I want.

Maybe he is not that weak or something. But from his writings, I can see his pain. I can see, not feel. Then I am trying to befriend with him. Replying his messages, answering his question which is usually I don’t do.

And one thing for sure, he needs hug.

I might be already told you how important hug is. And I still believe in it.

So, if you have a chance to hug your beloved, please do. Nothing to lose, and you’ll gain strength.

Well. I supposed to studying. And I am gonna see you very soon. Goodnight, dear fellows.


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