Coming 2.5

It has been few weeks I want to write, or share it to be precise. Still remember what I say in here, perhaps you’ll get along easily with this one. Coming 2.5 from a version 2.0. There is no cat, no Kindle, no curiosity to begin with. Another hint is 2013, which you can look at here, but actually if you know me personally, you’ll know what it is about.

Summary in Version 1.0

I am in no mood to write in my thesis wrap up (journal for IEEE perhaps), so I’ll give you a brief summary about version 1.0, we might call it ‘the dark ages’. That was quite brief, very brief indeed. To know someone, fall instantly, care for him that much. He’s now married to a beautiful lady. Some lessons I got with this alpha release (as if I could say it is Alpha Release).

Coming 2.5

You’re a Noob

  1. Do not think small! I used to have zero confident about dating our law of attraction. I always questioning my self whether I have problems with them. But seriously, if I may say to the younger me, I’d say, do not hesitate to ask and be confident. He maybe yours!
  2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. This is the most classic reason, but yeah, as long as he NEVER ask to your father (or maybe you first) do not linger. I repeat, do not linger.
  3. Timing is everything. I encountered a point where I thought I am right. He’s so changed, turned into Wahhabi, and I am so into secular. So much gap there. So it is right. But now, I think about it, he was few step ahead.

Tsk. Those are a huge words for me. Succeeding overcome that phase, meaning you’re a little bit mature than that point. A glass of milk won’t hurt (or wine, or anything which make you happy).

Version 2.0

It is still fresh in my mind. Before coming 2.5, I’d like to emphasize why I choose 2.5 instead. Okay, listen to me…

Talking about software development lifecycle, it has to be same kind of software which need to be improved. If it is a different software, then it is totally not an improvement. Same feeling, same excitement but a total different person. It’s no matter, because the thing is ‘the feeling’ matter, not the person. Here are the learning lesson I got.

  1. Do not rush feeling. For this, I highly thanks to my friend, Ravi.
  2. Do not take for granted.
  3. Do not share anything in your social media.

But at least, it was a good and fun ride tho… I still do (2) and (3) but lesser portion, so that’s why its coming 2.5

Coming 2.5

Timing is Everything
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Referring to SDLC itself, it’ll be contradicted but it has good value tho. This person is totally different, not local (if you want to know) . As a friend of mine said, in version 2.0 “you two has similar soul, thus very easy to compound.” but learning from the first version, timing is everything. I could say this is exceptional case I ever had till date. Never thought about it before, yeah, you know, I love India because of Shah Rukh Khan.

Chronological way, it was right after my case with those scumbags (really, sorry if this is harsh, but those two are; refer to: here). This is a vital point, I have a lot of things to shared to you, reader. But I don’t think it is wise enough to share it all. So, I decided to share the most important part of it.

Coming 2.5: The Beginning

Remembering my first encounter with Rahul. It is via microblogging, Twitter. He was so into Aditya Chopra and asked what I was wrote about Jab Tak Hai Jaan. I met this guy from Twitter as well. Both are found me. Thru Shah Rukh Khan, that’s why I love SRK. I was using Avantika Shah (was a given name by a stranger, Malaysian). You always know how it started.

My first impression about him was: Persistent. I don’t know about others, but there are rules in my online meeting, and there are the rules:

  1. Do not ask for a picture. It was not a Matrimony sites or such thing, so chill.
  2. Do not persistent. It is will be a burdensome for me, I really hate it. It might be a cliche, but No means No.
  3. Do not ask where I live (this is exclusively for local people, Jakartans, to be exact).

It is quite simple right? He did (1) and (2), I annoyed by that, but I find interesting question in here. Why I picked his call that night?

Coming 2.5: Rejuvenate

The question remain there. Unanswered. But never bother me, even a single time. It was a nice time to meet him (yeah, we live in digital era, so meet is accurate for video call, right?). He has dashing look (Nope, I won’t show it to you, it will be my private courtesy. Need to confirm, but he is just show me his alteration thru years. Anyway I find his picture so Ranveer Singh alike.

I remembered one of my friend saying this (it was around 2012, when I started to digging Bollywood stuff).

“Ta, kenapa gak sama orang Pakistan saja?”

Maybe because I didn’t do well in Geography, I don’t know what she talked about. Because of Shah Rukh Khan is Indian Actor, I thought it is Indian. Coming to the fact, it is not purely Indian, and Shah Rukh Khan indeed Indian, because he born in Delhi, but his ancestor is from Pakistan (Father is Pathan and Mom is Hyderabadi, and his granny is Kashmiri).

Well, anyway, it has 900 words already and I won’t write any longer, maybe you should wait for another updates. Indeed, it is just a beginning. (saf)


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