Constellation Allergic.

I just watched “Look Who’s Talking” by ZeeCafe. When it comes to Ranveer Singh, it make me like him even more. Then come to Arjun, it is just hear-breaking one. Missing him.

I’ve seen Arjun being questioned same question. And his reaction is always a bunch of up holding tears. He tried to not cry over the camera. It is just saddened me. Feel so sorry for him, and love him more.

Those are Cancerians. Deep inside their soul, they are fucking sensible.

I believe, there are a constellation that highly sensitive to things, and almost of them, keep in their private area. Not to show it off.

So, beside Cancer, we have Pisces and Scorpi as well. I don’t know for sure, but when I saw actors with those zodiac, it is just easier for me to feel their intention, even I never meet one.

Let’s say Shahrukh, he’s a Scorpio. A lot of people force me to not believe this Zodiac thingy, but I don’t know, I just feel close to him, and for these two bachelors as well.

I don’t know. Called it hunch, or something illogical to begin with. But in person, I feel that way. I used to believe that Scorpio could be matched with Libra, because Shahrukh did.

But, I realized that, I knew no love that time. I kept telling my self that I will be with Mr. Moron, someday. Or, with UV, someday. But as Knight and Day fellow told, maybe someday means never.

It might be.


When Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang) said ‘ek din’, which means the same. It just pushed me down forward, into the ground.

There will be a day, that I will smile all day, and be thankful for what I experienced all along. Either it’s a great loss, of a good catch.

Like Likas, succeed in her marriage life, and brought her husband to the highest place that ever be. Someday.

Heart broken is not a simple thing. It requires a lot of energy, a lot of attention, and things. Like Deepika to stands on her own feet, since Ranbir’s world became hers, and so on.

Now she’s with Ranveer. Maybe Ranveer capable to swipe her tears, and gives her a lot of laughter. Maybe.

It is just remind me, of me. I have one like Ranbir. His friends became mine, his world became mine. And now we are no longer together. Even there was no love involved, but I felt same way with Deepika.

Missing Him

Recently, I kinda missed him. Even, I dreamed about him, few hours back. It is not good dream. But for me, whom used to believe that if I dream someone, it means they are thinking about me, or I am fucking missing those people.

I never dream about Shahrukh, but I dreamed about Marcel, because I met him few times. Never dream someone that I never really meet. (To support the idea that people that we seen in our dreams are actually people that we met in certain days) But they are supporting roles, not leading one.

I don’t know what to do. I just can’t go back for ‘we used to be’ state, I can’t contact him first. He’s way too harsh because I did it too. But, it needs guts to acclaim your self as gay, right? We should praise that anyway. And my way is to state it boldly, and directly.

I think. I’d be more comfort to befriended with men than women. Yes, we do talk about make up, fashion trends and things, but it wasn’t my idea of friendship.

Now I am tired for it. I just need a proportional friend. I don’t need someone that told me A-Z, then I was prohibited to give comment about it.


So, what’s the point?

I was naive my self. By stating that I just need a good listener. We do need instructor, or sort of Guru in our life. But, I jumped into conclusion that doing nothing better than doing something.

It is hugely wrong ideas to begin with. Right?

There was time that I see my self down like this. Like I want to die, I don’t want to doing nothing. But, it is just part of being mature, right?

We should capable of filtering what we should think, what we should share, and etc…


I am so naive. I deactivated Path. But it’s too boring to not have one. I want to show them all that I am unique as person. That I have great taste, that I have class to begin with.

But it just keep pushing me away from my goals. But I just get used to it. I just enjoy for not being criticism.

It’s a bad state, if I may say. But I can’t go for another enjoyment. I love Hindi, I love Bollywood. You, bear with that.

Ah. I almost forgot about Mr. Moron status few days back.

Crap. He deleted it. I can’t show the status was. I have it on handheld, will give you somehow. But now, let me finish this one.

It’s abut Student of the Year poster. Two Kings – One Queen. To make it smaller, A princess playing with two princes’ heart.

I don’t know. I just assumed that he surely read my post in tumblr. If not, why he did that? He knew who is Mr. Moron, but he didn’t know who is MeaKer, supposed to be.

If it is not for me, then why he deleted it, since I commented on that, once.

It’s so Golmaal.


Ah. Don’t you dare.

I liked you before. I knew no love, I learned about love, from MeaKer. Even if what I felt is not love, then sure, it is just one step closer to find love, on the path.

Last thing. I am planning to treat some of my friends for watching Happy New Year, if you are having interest, just drop a text here, or my personal number.

Thank you.

Ah. The tittle? Just another camouflage. 😛


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