In a nutshell,

Not sweet as romantic song.

Ab kya karoongi yaar? Woh kehte hain “Dil Toh Pagal Hai”. I guess that’s right. Heart is something you call it crazy, yet you can’t live without it even one second. I don’t know whether I am credible to say so, but let’s begin with a story.

God created a Jodi, I mean a couple of human, and they will make a love story without their consideration and knowing. They live apart, and they didn’t even think about it, about how they met, and realize their true feeling, hidden within the lies that everybody know.

One day, the girl prayed to God, asked for her true lover to meet her, even once. Somehow she believed that God answered her prayer. Few days after she prayed, she bumped into someone, used to be his distant friend. And yet, she didn’t realize about it. She just loved to hear stories from him, anytime, anywhere.

The boy advised her about life, being a woman. A wife, a mother, etc. he said, “If we’re made to each other, you knew my habits, you knew my thoughts. Please, do not forget that.” And the girl fall for him. But she didn’t believe with it, she denied it.

Woman Status

As time passed by, boy told everything he wanted to. He told everything, his own problems, and his dilemma. The girl found out that boy got back with his ex. She didn’t know how to react, due to his doubt, she congratulated him, ya anyhow that ‘ex’ probably his mate, after such facts that she knew, she tried to be positive.

Boy left, running his daily activities with his ex-supposed to be. Day by day, the girl feel lonelier, she wonder what is boy doing, is he okay, a lot of questions came to her mind, yet have no idea what will be the answer. Sometime she got message from the boy. They arranged time to talk to each other. She thought it is wrong, one must be devote to lover. Because she doesn’t want to be frame as 3rd party, or relationship crusher. No girl want to be labelled as that.

Girl isn’t tell her feeling, after she realize it. He asks and she deny it. So, the boy left, again. And she told herself to not feel lonelier, and to face the fact that they are not made for each other.

Fighting Loneliness

She shares it with her friend, she tells that that is the first time she felt that kind of feeling, and some of her friends suggest her to vanishing the hope, some of them support her. Before he gone away, he promised that he will change, and he thanked to her for what she did. And she waits for the promise.

It ends that way. Once upon a time, the girl texted the boy, “How are you? How’s your thesis?”. The girl hurt as the way he hurt because his lover. And the story ends that way.


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