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Something About Love

Have you ever thought that you will fall in love with someone that you used to know as classmate, and it is takes 6 years to realize? Well, I can’t say that I love him right now, but one thing for sure that he just made a good husband. I know, it is too rough to talk about it right now, but I choose to discuss it with you rather than keep in my mind. Because there is hope, even 0,1%, I will keep believe in it.

So, here we go.

Recently I helped my friend, my classmate for sure. He just came to Jakarta for his placement in Law Office (Kejaksaan). I used to call him ‘Abang’, since he’s older. Yea, that simple. He texted me first asking for meetup etc… at first I doubt, since I have no Idea what will we discussed about. I was cornered girl at school. No one that will enjoy being with me. But yes, I am always take those bond with serious matter. I recognized him as my brother even though he forgot me, and all. (This is kind of drama)

Done. We met. And a lot of things we talked about. He asked how about Irvan and all. Well, I don’t have any intentions to camouflage the condition, I just told him that we are over. I meant the friendship. And ya so on…

He was going to stay at friend’s apartment, but we met at early morning, it is will be no good to wake him up, right? And ya, I met that person, our chairman at 2nd grade (take it as 11th grade). I have no desire, because I hated him for addressing me as anti-social girl at class.

Too Late for Fall in Love

That feeling came precisely when he asked (not coincidentally, because it supposed to) “Fanta suka India?” I nodded. “Wah, sama dong.” Then, at very moment, I adore him, the hatred just turned into love. We’ve been talked about movies then. I swore him to bring my hard disk. I have a lot of movies there.

He’s nice, he is awesome, and he is taller than me, and of course than MeaKer. I love him. I hope for it.

But, I got my sense back. He is my friend’s BF. Well, not close one, but it is just not nice with that idea. This is my confession. I love him as long as he loves India. It is not genuine love, but if I end up with him, I would be happy. And my ideal case will be happened, at the end.

I always dreamed about dating and watching Bollywood’s movie rather than Hollywood. But ya, as normal girl, I just want to share the thoughts with you. I don’t know why I always end up as a mistress. Once there, he dating his girl, and here, also. It is my destiny or what? I just want to love a simple man with a lot of stories and also love Bollywood.


For anyone who know who he is. Just smile once. Do not take it seriously. Yea, I love him, but I don’t have grudge to his girl anyway. I prayed for them as well. But it seems, he still looking for his wife. Commitment is hard, and your soulmate is unpredictable.

Ah. I am too lonely right now. I just want you to know that I am happy the way I was. And I will always looking for happiness and will try to give some.



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