Not Gonna Talk About Love, Again.

I don’t have much experience with people, but I do have a lot of question in regulations or procedural things. Regulations made to regulate a system, either automation or just a simple system. That is what we know. As for organization, first step is to know the rules, by the book, by the tacit knowledge of peer or leader.

There are so many ignorant people out there. simplified things and it is just a tiresome for operational people. Maybe we need a statement in the contract, saying that we have to forget our identity as human. But nevertheless, this essay is gonna talk about first step, in anything I know.

First Step in Falling in Love

I give this point as very first, because it is interesting and there are many possibilities and various as well. I have no authority to tell right or wrong, but for me, the first step is to let your self whether you accept that significant one or not. Mostly, people categorize it into 3 types as it is inline with ‘time’.

First, love is when you’re young. You don’t really know what love is supposed to feel like, so you don’t ever question if it’s right or wrong. You just go with the flow. It makes you happy, you think. You double date with your friends in high school, you go to school dances, and a lot of the times, your parents drive you around because you’re still too young to have your driver’s licenses. This love is purely lust.

First Step in Falling in Love

Opposite Attraction

The key in this first step is ‘it makes you happy’. Sometimes I feel this way to few people. Let’s name it Wolfie, MeaKer or my most favorite character right now, Voldie. To justify, it is not happy when Voldie around, it is like safe. I feel safe, at some point. Just my lonely thought on that one, but Voldie can’t be the one who gave me comfort.

I found this silly article on a website (in Indonesian language), “9 Tingkah Pria untuk Memastikan Bahwa Dia Naksir Kamu“. My thoughts on those 9 act from a Man…

  1. He’s asking many information about you. Oh dear, I never found this kind of guy, at least not the one I like. I disagree with tis idea. The more you know about me, the more you will find a point to attack me later on. On different case, It will save the relationship, but it is better to choose your action first, than giving such this low signal.

Oh well, I won’t continue on this silly articles. But, according that article, 50% indicates Voldie likes me, which is I really not gonna buy that. Shoot, I am tired and sad… I think that’s for now. (fan)



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