Let me ask a question. How much you willingly to pay for your freedom?

Has anyone ever thought about it?

For anyone who could live happily, and no burden, they probably will say no. For working people, they would buy some freedom such as holiday. Free from cases, problems, and things. And for people that has been jailed, they will take everything, but we have justice and law here.

I was thinking this word when I was at Equinox. Equinox is late night club located in Senayan, Plaza. Clubs, bars, alcohols, and many drinks.That was my first time for going there. As expected, a lot of people there, cups, glasses, and things.

I don’t get the mood, I am silently enjoyed the music, but I can’t dance, it’s just not my music after all. I thought. And I sat on, nearby the people… I mean my friends there. I sat for a long time, till two desiman, and their friends come in, sat beside me.

One chacu (called for uncle in Hindi) offered me a drink. I don’t know what’s that. I think that’s Regal, I looked at the bottle, anyway. I refused. Then I looked at his western friend, he’s gorgeous, for sure, and nice. ‘Are you okay?’ He thought that I was sick or something, replied ‘Okay. I am watching my friends there.’ while pointing them.

And chacu gave me a shot (drink, alcohol ofc). I accepted it. And somehow I know that’s shot. And I looked at him. Yes, I was right. It is shots, you have to drink it all in one time.

Don’t ask me how I knew, it’s just my intuition. Perhaps I knew it from movies, books, or anything. I drank it. Oh my god. I was not surprised but yes, that’s the first time I taste it. Alcohol.

Confession. I drank two shots anyway.

Before that happen, I was thinking. This is wrong. Yeah, I thought so, but hey, it’s not that bad. I just thinking all the way, it’s just because I am here, at Jakarta, and far from my parents, but they give me freedom. They let me to choose my friends, my life, and the most important is that one, freedom.

I was afraid, how if I meet someone that know me, or how if my brother know? Well, we should have deal, then, bro.

That’s bringing the memories of MeaKer. Yeah. I am a loser. In that place where there is no relation with him, I still remember him. I just remembered him for that freedom. He used to lie his parents, I think.

I mean why he can’t be thankful for what he got? Maybe this is one of reason he’s not my type. I don’t like liars, if you lie to your friend, that’s normal, you have reason, but to your parents? Ah… That’s rude anyway.

If you ask me. I will answer that I might lie to you, but I never lie to my parents. Their live has been screwed by us, but yes, to them, we are blessing, but along with screw… By having a child isn’t only a bless, but you have to take all consequences. The good and the bad.

That’s love.

How you dare to lie within it?


error: If I were you, I won\'t try it.
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