What a week! Red Chillies and SRK move the date to Aug the 4th, to minimize the clash with Toilet Ek Prem Khata (Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Padnekar). And now all media speculates enough about SRK and JHMS big failure. Maybe people easily forgot about Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. It has taken the game to whole new level, so if JHMS is a failure, then consider the other movies also.

JHMS and Imtiaz Ali’s work

People do think that Jab Harry Met Sejal is kind of Tamasha, but it is not. It is a total different story and feeling, to begin with. The soul-less Harry and tired-soul Sejal met in an unexpected adventure to find her ring. What we can learn in this Jab Harry Met Sejal mistake is its title. People tend to remember one word title, like Dangal (well, the movie is awesome as well) or a simple P.K. But in counterparts, it is just another marketing strategy to get more attention. Hell yeah, it is Shah Rukh Khan, no need to do that.

Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met is the one of versatile movie in the industry. Tamasha is not for everyone who seeks a Masala type of movie, it has soul and we have to know each other. So, Jab Harry Met Sejal is a compact version of those two movies. Let me explain;


Sometimes Women need an Acknowledgment

  • Started in a foreign country;
  • Put a journey for both roles;
  • Self finding;
  • They always strangers.

When Tamasha is about finding oneself and started in a foreign country as stranger, Jab We Met is a journey for both. In contrary, what Indian need is not dashing foreign country scenery, they want something from their lands. They want a strong story with magnificent details, so they can’t blink an eye. With a jargon, it is Imtiaz Ali, surely never go wrong.
Imtiaz Ali’s work is not for everyone, and he meets SRK, who is nobody friend. So they make a movie which they love so much without considering people gonna love it or not. It is not kinda selfish decision, but it is surely a firm decision.


Tubelight takes Eid as release date. But it got negative response as well. I want to rephrase it once more, people keep forgetting about what Baahubali did to Indian cinema. Definition of romance is not same to people. That’s make romance movie find its difficulties in theaters. Shah Rukh Khan has been known as ‘the lover boy’ or ‘romance boy’. He romances from Madhuri Dixit to Anushka Sharma, or even Alia Bhatt, if you considering Dear Zindagi as one.

Being Harry is not a difficult task for Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh has played several roles, from Rahul Sharma (Darr) to Rizwan Khan, with Epiglottic. Being a lonely man with failed dream should be easy for him. Look at him at Devdas, his love is gone, he has no hope. What makes Jab Harry Met Sejal special is, Shah Rukh Khan do romance again. That’s it.

Seeing various comment about disappointment of JHMS, make some viewers rethink about this movie. I watched it three times. My first impression is, this movie has no soul. Shah Rukh sealed his lip in this movie (again, doh). Oh ya, don’t you ever forget how Apple appear 25% of the movie. Don’t you remember how many times Harry knocked his head with his iPhone 6/6S? Bet you won’t forget two MacBook in Beech Beech Mein, right after intermission.

Sejal. Sejal always bring her iPad. Don’t you ever wonder why? Korean Dramas avoid showing brands, but we eventually know what is that, it’s Samsung, name it phone or laptop.

The Taste of JHMS

How many movies of Imtiaz Ali you’ve been watched? There always a classic pattern, hero and heroine. They have their own problem. Veera with her Stockholm Syndrome, which she never realized. Ved, holding a mental health issue, met Tara, who let him being himself. Aditya, who thinks his world is crumbling and he has no reason to live. Harry with his unfulfilled dream and missing home.

Eventually they meet each other and completing the missing puzzle. The taste of JHMS will be like Jab We Met. Successfully curing the hero’s problem, but the heroine starts having problem, right after departing. Vaguely, there’s a comment about Jab Harry Met Sejal is another Aditya-Geet in Europe. That’s love story, to us.

Not Good Movie

I’ve trying not to be judgmental, but I can feel their feeling toward disappointment to the movie, or SRK. But when comparing Raees Alam and Harry, I know exactly, this is the SRK that we need. The lover whose will run over his girl. If Fan is a treat for every fan around the world, Jab Harry Met Sejal is a treat for SRKian around the world. Because in this movie, we’ll see Harry run to Sejal, like Raj run to Simran. Let’s fall in love, again.

But due to its premise, what’s you seek is seeking you… it needs higher knowledge about Rumi’s work and all. We should see Jab Harry Met Sejal is a love story which happen to a lonely heart, Harry and egoist woman, Sejal. Everyone will get their lesson in the right time. So, if you looking for a short break love story, then Jab Harry Met Sejal is a good choice.


Fall in love.

Settle down. And have kids…

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