Kaha tu, Kaha thi tu.

When I am starting to miss him, that’s the word that I said.

Where are you, where were you…

I am totally lost. I don’t know what’s really happen in me, but I thing that I am not ready to move on with that particular guy. Sorry to say, for the one who really understand who MeaKer is. It did feel good when I am told him that I cared him that much, but at the end, I think I am not ready to forget him. Even for single Adhitia Sofyan interview, I just remembered him. I don’t know, it is just like him. He could be that great if he would.

Okay. Let’s call it a text (it should be a day anyway) I am trying not to involve with his romance. And please, I really don’t want to get trouble. Whoever his GF right now, it is just, he’s your man. Keep him. Help him. Bas. Enough.

Now. Same phrase, different person.

I can’t deny that I just love being around with this man. He is virgo. And I don’t have any idea how to seduce him. Well… I don’t want to. I just want a person that will look after me every time we go for a trip. But, deep inside my heart, it still calling one names. I am so sorry for making this complicated. My heart just go for him, even proudly to say that I don’t love him, but my heart does. It does miss him, it does pray for him, even I am not.

Let’s see how tough it is.


See you another time.

I just want to say to both of you. My dearest one, that I just miss you. Please be okay out there.


error: If I were you, I won\'t try it.
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