Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, tum nahin samjhoge, Rahul.

So, this is me. Just finished Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, it just turned to be 16 years since it released. I was slept like 24 hours. I was back from Cibinong for Haider. And fall asleep by 11. But it worth, anyway.

I have these dream, strangely it contains same thing. To force someone that I really loved, for being with me. I was sound like a villain. It sickened me as well.

Don’t you dare to claim that he’s yours, I barely knew it. And don’t add some trouble to tell me that, anyway. Me, myself wondering how to get over it. But I can’t. Just bear this once. Please. Am begging you.

Call this is nightmare, I did it, twice. I can’t help it either. I found it nicer than my own reality here.

My self fight me for sure, keep telling me, “what good it will bring?”; Nothing. Nothing will be good, but can’t I keep those memories? And make my own self happy. Can’t I?

Oh okay. I won’t post about those strange things. My friend told me, those was common reaction toward missing someone so dearly.

They were right, to forget something, you must do something different.

I forgot what I really want to write (well, I am lying to you, for greater good). I want to watch more movies. BHAY~


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