Me, Cat and Love v.2.0

Cat and Love

They said, happiness in inevitable feeling. I can’t argue that one, but, from the point that I have experience of, yes, it is inevitable. This writing should be titled as Me, Cat and Love v.2.0 

I never plan to love someone. That’s why it named “fall” in love. And that’s how exactly how I found this cat… ‘Great Cat’

Vividly I still remember how sweet was that. Feeling the beat of your own heart in someone name. I was too happy for things that happened recently, which lead me to believe about mutual feeling or law of attraction.

I used to not believe about this one. Always discouraging my self, ‘that particular person’ is so not in to you, stop dreaming. Classic.

But now, I am sure that, law of attraction is really exist. You won’t be attracted to him if he is not. That’s explaining everything, and that is all you need to know.  I am so happy, I can’t hide. I am not happy because of proposal of things, but I just happy that what I am feeling right now is kind of mutual.


I realized that the path that I am going to take is full of uncertainty, and long road as well. A simple faith, keep me going for the uncertainty itself. I left someone who was there for me, but I am not aware that being loved is not only matter. You need to love that person back, you need to be happy and he is one of the reason for you to be happy.

That’s why I am happily split with him, no matter what people might say, or for things that can’t be returned, I never object that. Those were made by sincere feeling. Anyway… cut the crap, let’s build love v.2.0, which is containing of fixed bug of previous one.

Me, Cat and Love

I have wrote about him several times, to be honest, he is my muse, my love, and my reason. There are so many not-so-logical thing that happen between us, me and him. I don’t know why he believed me for his belongings, and he was smiled when saw me on the road.

I don’t know how our small and simple conversation begun. It is just there, less effort and gave you endorphin.

Enough? No it was not, but it is better than got nothing at all. I can feel his sorrow, his loneliness tells. Sometimes I just want to knock his back and have a chat with him, but I stopped my self, because of fear. I am afraid that he won’t like it. Worse, he will start to push me away, which is a doom, for me. It’s better be his sidekick rather his enemy.

Great Cat.

He loves cat. He is nice, funny, and full of determination. I can’t deny that my heart goes to him, but we can’t rush feeling, right? There’s no ‘goal’ in love v.2.0, unless to make him better. I want to make him feel less burdened, and face the reality. That he deserves to be happy. No need alcohol to justify his mood, all he need is one capable friend, which like a home to him. I have no confidence that will be me, but let’s try.

My main goal for current time is to be his friend, trusted friend.

Till then…

We will meet again.




Nisa signed off.

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