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You know, I shall be in UNDP right now, but I can’t do that since I got these combo diseases. Catching a cold, fever, cough, and in one time I almost desperate because I can’t even breath. I choose to watch a Korean Drama, prior to Reply 1994. Watching Korean Drama is contagious, you can stop watching it and tend not to rewatch another title, but once you got into a title, then you’ll craving for more. This mother reaction is a blunt reaction from me, a viewers who watch Korean Drama since 2011. Yeah, I am that old.

Mother Reaction: Lee Bo Young.

I was looking for a recommendation of Korean Drama, rewatched A Gentleman’s Dignity and never get bored with it. There’s an idea to watch current drama, either still airing or already completed in a month or two. Some sites refer to Mother, which is a remake of Mother from Japan Dorama. Lee Bo-young made me want to watch this movie. I knew this actress from a weekend drama, Seo Young, My Daughter, I haven’t finished that yet, somehow I questioned my self why I can take 50 more episodes? I watched Heaven’s Promise (Lee Yoo Ri, Park Ha Na, 2016) consists for 102 episodes with 30 minutes each. 

mother review

Mother, 2018

Without further analysis, I watch this Korean Drama, which successfully made my cry, couple times. She done it as usual, neat and clean, like what she did in Whisper, even though I love this more, way too many.

My first impression from 1st episode was an intense drama of a kidnapper and she’s always buried in her thought which we can’t even know. Definition of mother is quite not well, until the case unfold to her mother, the actress Cha. I take 5 episodes despite my health still unstable. The moment I saw the child really enjoyed and feeling safe with the kidnapper, this could be Stockholm Syndrome meets the anxiety 8 year old girl trapped in 38 year old body of Kang Soo Jin.

Kang Soo Jin portrayed by Lee Bo Young, with her poker face and ignorant looks, convinces us she really doesn’t want to be a teacher, around the kids. She notice an outcast of the class, Kim Hye Na (Heo Yool). This is where the story begin, the running of mother-daughter and redefining mother.

Mother Reaction: Adoption and Scattered Memories

One of reason why I write mother reaction, not just a simple review, because personally I have some sort of reactions. At first, we will know that Soo Jin is an adopted one, but later, we’ll find out that all those girls are adopted, which is really redefine Mother. Haven’t watched Japanese version, but I am sure that Korean version is better, in terms of packaging and delivering message. I love the way they resolve the past so it won’t blackmail. The way they put first child to the last is quite magnificent. As we know, first child tend to be strongest, second child tend to be a better, in terms of looks, luck, behaviour, and things. Last child, or familiar with maknae, tend to make first child as his/her mentor.

Hye Na lost her Willing to Live

Every characters contribute a strong reason and presence. In a serious note, Lee Seol Ak (Son Soek Koo) really made a cool debut in Korean drama (prior he just in movies). Little Seol Ak was terrified with his mother choice to end her life, as well as Soo Jin’s mother. I can say, those unanswered questions from Little Seol Ak could be answered by Soo Jin, but they are not meant to be. Ah ya, Doctor Jung (Lee Jae Yoon) shall get the prize, having Soo Jin and Yoon Bok and happily ever after is a treat, no?

From this perspective, we could agree that it just show us about woman empowerment. From Cha Young Shin (Lee Hye Young) to Soo Jin, Yi Jin, even Hyun Jin.

Hye Na is dead

Another gem that I found in this drama is Heo Yool. To be more precise, we talk about Kim Hye Na, a little girl suffers a domestic abuse (child abuse) and yet she can live another life without ever thinking back. A moment where her mother came all the way from Moryung to Seoul, and her response was gold. She is just stand still, and start running after shockingly say out loud, ‘Mom.’

Her courage to throwing her mother away is marvellous. She said that to her mother without a blink. What an actor, right? She even cast and defeat other 400 participant to take the role as Hye Na. Well, if she can’t get honourable mention or any award, what kind of child actor are Korean people looking for? (saf)


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