Balu Mahi

Balu Mahi


Balu Mahi is an upcoming 2017 Pakistani romantic comedy film directed by Haissam Hussain and produced by Sadia Jabbar. Film is scheduled to release in 10th February 2017.

Release Date 10 February 2017
Movie Media VoD
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Not that bad
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Starring: Ainy Jaffri, Osman Khalid Butt

Hola mi amiga! I am back. After such a long lazy weekend and ups and down month, finally I have courage to write some review before longing back to the memories I have. This movie review Bahu Mali is going to tell you why Indian cinema has bright future and why India can’t ignore Pakistan’s music.

On weekend, I have my Netflix and got chill. Watched super sexy Osman Khalid Butt in a movie named Balu Mahi. Balu Mahi is just an average love story made by unintentional of the hero. Bilal (Osman Khalid) was wrong to stated his love for his ex-girlfriend who dumped him. Unlike a common mistake, Mahi (Ainy Jaffri) is using the chance to run away from her family. Yet another cliche thing happened, let me quote from famous dialogue of Deepika Padukone from Chennai Express,

I don’t even want to get married.

Movie Review Balu Mahi

I don’t want to get married

Choosing the horse is bring us to new level of discussion, why Mahi choose to attend horse rather than bicycle or even car. Let’s forget about Salaar and his good-for-nothing jab and energy.

Jab We Met Concept

It is hard to acknowledge that this story line has similar idea with Jab We Met. Whereas Aditya and Geet meet in a train and they are totally different person. Good idea for Haissam Hussain to bring character of Balu’s friend as comedic role. He saved a lot yet I can’t find who he is.

The idea which captured by the team was how powerful both Geet and Mahi to sway those men. Geet with her talkative behavior and Mahi with her endless dream and random act.

Sadaf Kanwal was good in her act as the bitch. The way she seduced Balu– or Bil, as she called him– is mediocre to ground level, but she has perfect body why not, eh?

Failed Mission

After past-half, we would know that Mahi is forged her identity as Abdul Ghani, a polo sportsman. With her speed, she managed to join Hunza club. IF the team was going to bring the idea of equality, which is very hard in Pakistan, it is total fail.

To tell a romance movie it still need a huge lesson from the king of romance, at least try to portray Aditya from Jab We Met or Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Music and Fateh Khan

Admit it, after listening the song, you will find peace upon you. For how hard your problem is, for how complicated your thought. Trust me. One of my Indian friend said that to me. The essence of Sufism is high, but the meaning of its song is so damn heartwarming.

Privilege of having similar language is bringing the most out of it. Try listen Pashtun music and it will give another scent to the movie. Lesser stomach dance and skin is better, because at the end is not about how sexy the items are, but calibration between director of photography, director, writer, actor and music director which make a good one.

Bollywood maybe has done it in decades, but Pakistan need to learn for their own brother before claiming their industry. All they have to do is bring the original story in original place and mix it with a magic. (saf)


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