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Shivaay , a fearless Himalayan mountaineer covered in Lord Shiva tattoos, heads to Bulgaria to fulfill his nine-year-old daughter Gaura’s wish of seeing her mother Olga, who abandoned them years ago. But their plan goes for a toss when the little girl gets kidnapped in the foreign land. Rescuing her from the masked child-traffickers becomes his only reason for survival.

Director Ajay Devgn
Runtime 2 h 52 min
Release Date 28 October 2016
Movie Media Blu-ray
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Not that bad

As I promised in my facebook, I will do a movie review. It will be a Bollywood Movie Review Shivaay. This movie is directed by Ajay Devgn. On its release day, Ae Dil Hai Muskhil of Karan Johar is releasing as well, but Shivaay has good number as well. Find out why!

Bollywood Classic Clashing

Yeah. It always the clash that we’ve been talking about. Like January, we have Kaabil and Raees release on same day, because Film KRAFT can’t move the release date, while Raees trying to get the National’s day. We can’t avoid Rahul and Rohan clash right? They are just be themselves.

Bollywood Movie Review Shivaay

Shiv-a-y? Shiva-y? Why he has that name?

The film begins with Shivaay, a Mountain guy with his body covered with Shiv’s identity, Trishul, the snake and the moon. It is make the audience curious about Shivaay. Who is he? What he does? Is he a Superhero? Superman? Or is he Shiv’s apprentice? A lot questions will be questioned to the scene, but it became unclear when he back and gives a present for Kancha, a Himalayan.

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As he turning to 16, Shivaay asks him out to have an adventure along with Olga (Erika Kaar) which will be the romance interest to Shivaay till the accident arises. They are gonna have a baby. Yes, it is accident because Shivaay and Olga are not married each other, but Shivaay, with his silly thought, asks her to keep the baby, just for him.


Till that sequence, audience will feel confuse. What is this movie is all about? Where we will be taken to? A romantic drama? Drama Thriller? Or just a simple drama? To this point, seeing the trailer will be a good advice. Don’t watch the movie unless you know the story.

As time passes, it grows father-daughter movie like Taken. Let’s ignore the fact that Shivaay has to run over Bulgaria to save his daughter. Yes, you read it right. It is quite same with Liam Neeson’s Taken, first sequel.

You know why OK Jaanu is a flop? Because it has no drama.

That was quoted from Arwind Kumar‘s video.

Bollywood Movie Review Shivaay

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Taken’s set is Paris, and Shivaay is Bulgary. But it is not a total copy since it has a lot drama and Ajay successfully combine it with B Grade Hollywood movie with IT Hacker theme movie and Vir Das not really helping the movie very well.

On the other hand, Girish Karnad as Anushka’s father is a remarkable character that save the movie a bit. This movie has some basic background like Sean Penn’s I am Sam, or simply Liam Neeson’s Taken.

Directorial Score

I can’t avoid to comment on the directorial thing and development of the movie as well. First thing is it has lack reasoning. To make a good story, a good reasoning will help the emotions flow smoother than no reasons. This is the second time for Ajay directs a movie. In his first venture, U Me aur Hum is quite good because it is a drama which is again, The Notebook inspires the movie.

People tend to love drama without a good reasoning because it is just action reaction. An action movie requires a strong reason, for example in Taken, they take his daughter simply because those girls are so dumb that invite a guy that they just met and they live alone in that apartment. It is logic to kidnap them, because they are really fool.

In other hand, Shivaay and Gaura is just about to have a delicious lunch, and unknown people take her. Yes, it will grow curiosity, but the main villain is quite lame.

Changez is the main villain, but what is the motives? Does he encounter some problem with Shivaay along the movie? Well, we can’t pretend that him being introducing himself is a problem at all.

For directorial score, I can say that Ajay did a good job there, a good set, good view and some good stunts but he has this kind of flaws. He using too many outsiders, it is good that Shivaay has good numbers than Befikre. Adi says that most of his crews are French and that what we got. Slightly I compare Shivaay with Shah Ruhk Khan’s Don 2.


They use foreign country as set. Don 2 is Germany, which has a strong security system and still, they managed to make ‘this is Bollywood’. Why I commenting about it? Because Shivaay is a Bollywood movie, not like Lion or Life of Pi. Yes, Shivaay use Hindi as major language, but it can’t help the feels that Shivaay is an outsider who trying to save his daughter.

So, the verdict will be 6 to 6.8 of 10.

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