Baar Baar Dekho

Baar Baar Dekho

20162 h 21 min

What would you do if you could see the future of your relationship? This film follows a roller coaster ride with Jai and Diya as they ride the ups and down of their relationship through the test of time.

Director Nitya Mehra
Runtime 2 h 21 min
Release Date 9 September 2016
Movie Media Other
Movie Status Unvailable
Movie Rating Not that bad

Hi there. I just watched Baar Baar Dekho. To be honest, have the digital file for months but haven’t watch it because I have no subtitle at all. Since my understanding in Hindi is limited, so I decided not to give a go. Thanks to Regy Leonardo Pratama for translating it into Indonesian. My preference is English, but I find difficulties in synchronized them. Why bother if you have a perfect synched subtitle even in Indonesian, right? All I can say is Baar Baar Dekho is about the nervousness of being married.


Maybe you’ll find a misjudge score or comment since I really can’t stand Katrina’s act at all.

A Milestone

Nervousness of Being Married

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It could be sarcasm, but it isn’t. First, I want to admit that Katrina superbly amazing and just perfect as Diya, even though I still think Parineeti has better chemistry with Siddhart. Alia is not for Sid in camera, she’s belong to Varun, she’s being his bride for twice! Can’t wait for the third.

There are three things, or milestones you might say. Being married is not an easy job, even for the 7-magical-full-of-promises-rounds. Then being a Father is taking it to another level. Because you really want all of best to your kiddos. Last thing is a divorce. Let’s break it down for Siddhart’s sake.

The Nervousness of Being Married

The movie is telling us a story about two different point of view, but in the end it is not a thing at all. Kind not well written, but bear with it. It’s all about Siddhart. Jai Verma is a professor (or lecturer is some country), his girl is a superb artist, Diya Kapoor, DK for short. They are a childhood friend and turn into a special romantic relationship till date. It’s not like Raj and Priya from Chalte Chalte, but as slight guidance, we can assume yes it is.

Jai is struggling but has decent life than Raj, the truck driver. Priya is a spoilt daughter from a rich family and Diya is a single daughter from a Business tycoon. Ah, my bad, it was from his Student of the Year‘s character. The difference is Jai is being loved by them and they think Jai is a blessing from Hanuman-ji. In short, there are no problem about acceptance. But Jai finds it weird that everything is set, his male Ego can’t accept that.

A day before their marriage, Diya shows him the apartment which will be their home. Jai has nothing to do with it. It’s all about Diya and her father, who pitch in. Right after that time, he is having a dream which maybe relate to Veda Mathematics, his thesis. He can jump the time by a night. Geez, who want that?

It’s not Science or Fantasy

A note should be taken, about the continuity, who still use an iPhone (or Android phone) is 2034? Jai is. While his son, Arjun is driving a marvelous BMW with a full high-tech, he still using that phone. Really Jai?

This movie make us confuse till the scene repeat for twice. It’s clearly told the audience to think about simple and small thing is life, is being appreciated. To know that Diya divorcing him, he try to fix things, and the next day, he jump to previous 6 year and he’s using a transparent phone. Voila.

It is not fantasy because the technology just to picturing the time, but they failed to make it constant from each year. Yes, it was quite a sight, but please do not take it seriously. And it is not science because Jai can’t explain how it happened, nor Professor Ramamurthy.

It is just a simple causal effect. If you do A then B will happen, like tvN’s Tomorrow with You. On another note, the nervousness of being married is always happen in both sides. There are so many questions such,

  • Is this a right decision?
  • What if he/she tired of me?
  • Will us be able to face such hardship?

And there are lot of questions will arise. Asians and Westerns is not same at all. In Western, they married because they are such in love (or full of desires) and want to be together, but Asians isn’t. Even though there are many young couple adapt the idea of Western, they married because they are in love.

Small Things Count

This movie won’t bring us anywhere. It is just another simple drama romantic movie which will make us to more focus on small things than a bigger one. Baar Baar Dekho quite well in defining the small things, such as:

  • Jai forgot about Arjun’s soccer’s training.
  • Then Jai doesn’t accompany Diya in the opening of her show.
  • Well, Jai ignoring Papa’s suggestion.

Yes, it is about Jai and his nervousness of getting married. Because audience can see through it, there’s no live within Jai, either 2018, 2034 and 2047. Professor Ramamurthy says that future lies in past. Maybe Tomorrow with You could explain it perfectly, but Baar Baar Dekho is not capable of doing so. Even the Pandit says, small things count.

Good Things

There are good things as well in the packages. First, commitment is about how one demolishing I and change it into ‘we’ or ‘us’. We can’t turn back time, so spend it wholeheartedly and just love it, all out. For men, beware of your friends, even it is a best one. It could mislead the marriage, like Chitra kisses Jai when she feels lonely and thinking that Raj is cheating on her.

The dialogue,

Because you are my past and future. Today as well.

From Jai is a sign that this is will be the thing that we think! And Diya’s statement is kinda should be noted as well,

In life, there are two kind of people. Drivers or passengers.

This is just another analogy for marriage, who will leads the marriage, who will follow. As majority in world, men should lead and women follow, but in contrary, there’s a research stated that Women are better leaders than men. So, for men out-there, if your partner is above you, you should be a passenger. Period. Because it can’t be negotiated, because if you can’t make her comfortable without her Pops, than you definitely can’t take her for granted. But if you want to be labelled as abusive husband, then it is your choice. (saf)


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