First Post about Pakistan

I never think I’d love Pakistan as much as I love India. I love India because I see love in every corner of its country. Major reason is Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan. At this very moment, at year 2017, I just love Pakistan the way it is. Maybe there are lot of controversies there, I acknowledge it, some of Pakistani never think ahead, as if they will be dead tomorrow. I love Pakistan is like Veer love Zaara. I love Pakistan just because my dear friend, Faizan. Merely a doctor, but refused to be called as one, he just love being called Faizan, his name. That’s matter the most to him.

Flash Back

I met him on June, 14th, 2017. Never really think Pakistani man is this nice. I think I have write about him in the other post. He has soft heart and this willingness to put Islamic view to the world. I was afraid, I was thinking, he could be ISIS or somewhat. Met few of his family thru WhatsApp Video Call. They are lovely, and I love them that instant, well, not the poverty, of course.

In two months of our relationship, we used to play Ludo, and we’re really progressing a lot, how to back up each other. One thing I love about him is the way he called me, ‘Baby’ which is just a normal nickname for lovers, but I do find peace in it.

Most Basic Pakistan Thing

Pakistan Things

Most Asks for Pakistani

“When will you visit Pakistan?” is the basic question I’ve heard from them, let it Haroon, Waleed, or others. I don’t know why they asked such question, but that is basic for them. They respect woman, but not all of them respect others, maybe they’re just respecting Pakistani woman. I know, it is kinda weird, but most of them (which is not friend of me) will going wild, so, better to not know them at first place.

I’ve search this on Google, and first question is their attitude. This writing is nothing to do with defamation or things, it is just my experience about them.


This is a wider and most discussable things about Pakistani Men. If I put Faizan out of them, I’d say, they’re stubborn. Maybe because they are born as Man, which is a carrier for their lineage. They will find it hard to accept women’s voice and choice, but they love to listen to it. Most of them, will go wild, like asking for nude, or even worse. But, as an adult, you have to know how to react about it. It is gross, but you can’t deny as its function to reproductive tools for mankind. Pakistan has lot of tribe, so, it wrong to judge them all. There are Sindhi, Baloch, Brahui, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Siraiki, Pashtun and ancestral of Arab, Turkic and Iranian. So, it will be better if you know their tribe. Ah, advance notice, those eleven tribe is known as general diversity, there are lot of tribal names, Khattak for example.

Real love or Time Pass

This is very intrigue question, but from what I saw is, they tend to choose someone they can see, not virtually. So, if you want to marry them, just meet them, and go to their home, it will be nice. Because not of all home still do arranged marriage. Pakistani men has higher chance to get love marriage. Take it as investment, don’t you dare to invest everything in one bucket.


Hmm, as I stated about tribe, most of their character can be classified as their tribe. If you watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan, you will know about Pakistani Pathan Kamaal (PPK) which has been said by Zain bhai. I knew a Siraiki, and he’s not good in communicating. Faizan is Pashtun, most of them is nice. But we can’t take that as whole, right? It is just based on my experience and has a bias, because of my character as well, so, maybe Siraiki is good for you, but not for me.


This is will be last thing I’ll explain, because it is still related to first three question. It is depends in how you treat them and how well your communication with them. Haroon blocked me (in Facebook too) just because I never take his call.

Cultures of Pakistan

Have you heard about ‘Main bhi Pakistan hoon’ campaign in August back then? There are lot of cultures and I am still learning about Khattak. Have no idea about others, but if you have curiosity about this, let’s team up and sharing our knowledge to each other. One thing that catch my eye is, arranged marriage. I find it quite handy, to be arranged rather than thinking about who will be our spouse and find it in the way. They’re just so secure about their wives-to-be, because their mother will find it. But I do not like their idea of marrying their cousin, yes, it is acceptable in Islam, but it will make such disease… But hey, let’s meet another time. (saf)



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