I just run into a friend, and asked that question. He is in situation incapable of answering that question.

Question is:

What’s your reason to make a relationship?

Sorry for being harsh, but frankly speaking, you should have a motive to maintain such relationship. Yea, I admitted that, this is one of effect that I got since I got close to him. We used to breaking our “enjoy” time with a lot of questions, and those were really food for thought.

Like in how he asked which way I prefer, wait for the right train, or just board to any train that will bring you to any station, even it’s not your target. In this very question, I saw parallel meaning of this question. Yea bro, I knew at last… You want to wait, but I asked you to enjoy your current ride.

Yea, it could be misunderstanding between me and him, but the way he told be few days back… to finish the undone. You got two possibilities. I believe you could dig the reasons. I won’t fed you up with my mind anymore, if you read my texts all over, you should know how I think… furthermore with this kind of sensible things. Heart.

I know. I know. I don’t have capability to do so, I don’t have a relationship, and I don’t have prospect boy to be dating with. But the main question should be arisen. And which way you answer it will determined who you are.

And for little ad, I am not a girl to flirt, I am a girl to love. And, once you love me, and I know it, I will love you back, as devotion. Won’t break until God asks me to do so. That’s why I enjoyed single than trying to be not possessive  while I really am.

So, I don’t date in certain time to future, but anyone with brave heart, should carry his bride. Yes dear, dilwale dulhania le jayenge. I need no reason to love someone, it’s named feeling. If I have reason, surely it will dismiss as that thing aren’t there anymore.


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