[EN] Happiness in Disguise

I think I will make this post in bilingual. No, I’ll make another post with Indonesian Version later on (perhaps tomorrow, perhaps never). I will talk about Voldie, mostly, and serendipity. For you who don’t know what serendipity is,

(noun) the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I was wrong about serendipity, thinking that is attraction between two souls, which is made in heaven. No, it is all wrong since the day I believe serendipity. But in another thought, I think almost cases were serendipity.

Believing in Serendipity

I’ll try to be brief on this, but for your information, everything happened in our life is a consequences from action we took. Let’s take Voldie for example. I am in an international organization because Faizan. He (indirectly) lead me to this organization, where I met Voldie, even it is late.

Ups and down, definitely down is frequent when Voldie around. The thing is, today is exceptional. I learnt about him more, see another side of him and yet, he is still annoying. Let me count how many times I met him today, and level of scary.

#1 He asked two cups of tea.

Serendipity first, Tea

Tea in a Cup

This is a sweet gesture of him, I think. When he can’t find anyone to help him, he asked me. Maybe it was not that sweet, but for me, I am happy with that. Being noticed is my purposed (yet before I know he is gay). Soon enough he will have a wife, so just agree on he is not being gay.

My biggest intention is not having him, but to harvest knowledge from him, to learn and adopt his way of thinking and left his manner out of that. He may realized I am into him, but surely he done something to neutralized this feeling. Sometimes I miss his vicious comments but his warm clarification quite really sold to me. I never thought a bad thing about him, but I don’t like getting teased by him. Every possibilities are not going into something I expected, I was jealous of any women in his surroundings, he could act so mature with them but he is toying with me. #sad

With full of hearts, I made the tea while listening to an expert about Waqf in Indonesia. It seems that lady is his almamater, Durhamite? Geez, what ever the name is. Totally blank! I have no idea who they are talking about. But it is good to know about Block-Chain, which I still not understand till now.

#2 Serendipity in Personal

I learnt new things about him, in slight different way than first encounter. He was so energetic to talk about Islamic Youth, there are two location which near the office. Sunda Kelapa Mosque and Cut Meutia Mosque. I have no intention to follow him, even I longed for a soulmate. Deep inside my heart, I want to follow everywhere he goes, which will lead to another serendipity today.

I don’t know what people think that time, we’re defending our self. We were talking about India, and re-post in India. I told people he has bucket lists, and India in it. He denied, and we keep doing that until I surrender.

#3 After He doing Namaz

I was going to toilet. Someone called my name, and I am surprise to see him. Few moments back, I saw his desk are clean, I thought he was gone. He was finished Isha, and prepared to go home. I prep my things to go home, and dhuar! another serendipity.

#4 Stalker

No, I am not stalker. But what happened in the stairs was funny. He ran because he is toying with me, saying ‘Who are you?’ He might think I am a ghost or something. I kept following him, because the exit door is there, the elevators are there. We were in same elevator, which is kinda… awkward, but I am trying not to. Again, I kept following him, because we were going to same direction, he is worried I will stalk him. Following him. ‘Where are you heading to?’

‘I am heading to bus shelter.’ Thus we part our ways.

Geez. I love this day, but I want to smack a thing as well because someone just brought back the misery which I left. (fan)



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