A Message or A Wish.

Message or Wish

No. It will bring no different with other text. It will just unjustified my clarity toward the action. Well, that action renowned as ‘move on’. What I am trying to say is I got a strange dream that could be interpreted as message or wish.

I was taking a nap. I have nothing to do, precisely. Yesterday I was spent about 300k just for sightseeing. Bad naa? So I decided will not go until get my allowance back. Matter of time, uh?

Biggest question is, WHAT HAPPENED?

Kya hota hai?

Dream. Sapne.

Yes. I dreamed a strange one, and to cover it up, I made the tittle such fit one. My dream is a message or a wish. Message from dear God, or simply my unfulfilled dream wants its bonus. I don’t know. Do not ask me about it, and do not think that I used this text to sue or play victim. No.


So, under the line, it is just a pure retell of my dream without adding any substance or things.

My Strange Dream

My dad graduates from his post grad. Well, he did this like 13 years ago anyway. We were in a city that has no name and to be frank, I frequently dream about that place. Strange.

We were looking for a place to eat, such restaurant or things. And I choose them to eat in a place that serve some indan food, malay, and asian. We were hungry at that time. Time by time passed, a lot of colleger pass through the lane and waving each other.

I was glancing them, but I know no one. Till someone appeared and yes, he is the main character of the dream. He was sighed, and has nothing to say to me and he didn’t happy to see me, to be frank.

Also trying to avoid me, and I called him by his name. I asked him to greet my family as well. He did that. And soon, he took his leave.

What a strange dream. He back with his Mom and Dad. It’s hard to pictured them, but I just think of Miss Briganza (KKHH or similar) as his Mom. And probably some calmed man as his Dad.

Aunty came in hurry and yelled at me, “Stop seeing my son.”; Well. I just got dizzy. By any chance, who is seeing whom. I never did. He never did, or… he did? Eh.

I begged to her for forgiveness. Maybe I was to central there, Dad going nowhere, and my pura family disappeared instantly. That was hard to please her, as if she afraid that her only son will disobey her again.

A little Drama Can’t be Avoided

I was desperately blabbering, “What I did anyway?”; “What is this junk?”; and such line.

Then aunty explained well. She said that after that time (I don’t know what she talked about) she asked his father to select friends for him. With a lot of nice people, men and women, all good. Then she said that, from that circle of friend he met her. Well, her will be the third party that I don’t know her name (Well, in the dream she said it clearly. But I forgot).

She started to say how happy she is. Then, I know that I am losing, I take my leave there.

Then come to another set (By set mean different location).

I was angry at him. I yelled him. He felt like he is being tortured, I guess. Suddenly the elders came. My Mom and his, wore Kebaya. Maybe there was a marriage event or things. I don’t know why that was like one.

Aunty still mad at me. I tried to make her understand that her son loves her like I love my mother. “Stop abusing her.” I said to aunty. She was blaming my mother for fault of wrong upbringing. She was touched when I said that I know him on that level.

Then I told her as much as I knew.

She was smiling at me when I said, “I know you like her. So do I. I hope it will be fine and long lasting. But, don’ forget that soulmate is beyond human capability.”

She seems happy with that word. And the boy was having big grin out there. I don’t know, perhaps he was thinking that he has two girls after him. That was a twist, I think.

Wake Up

I don’t have any idea. Whether it is a good sign or a warning. Maybe I should make this like a short story. Or, short movie. It was funny yet scattering my faith.

As if I believe I shouldn’t be this chic, I should be a man or like that. I am saying not because I love woman. No. I am normal, but according to my closest friend, that I am too nice, too bold and insensitive.

Back at dream, I was the one who fighting. If I were a boy, I will be hero like Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero, or Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Why I wrote this??

I hope that by wrote this all out will cleansing my mind about this dream. And I will live my life without burden anymore. I was hurt. And I am not gonna get hurt again.

I deserve to be happy, to live my life and to write all my dreams.

And I deserve to love anyone, no border, as long as I am not wooing other’s man or boyfriend or husband.

I deserve every rights.

I deserve to be heard.

And you should heard me. Hear my agony.

Then. Pray for us.


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