Wolfie and the mysterious case

An Intro

I am confused. I’d like to talk about The Great Wolfie and Mysterious case. Why it has to be a mysterious one? Because he is so mysterious and full of secrets. Aside his divorce, no one really knows about him unless he himself and his family.

The Great Wolfie and Mysterious Case

On Tuesday, I’ve been told like that. And very next day, which is yesterday, he’s so flat. Fucking flat. But I can see he’s trying to balancing both works and personal. It saddening, but it is another good action by him. He tries to justify things. Thursday… is a peak point. It’s been a week since I run-off from office, to sort my feeling out. And I have to skip class for spending the night with him. That’s the joy that I felt.

Along the way, we listen such music… most of them was Morrissey’s. I was fucking nervous, nearly bump to another car. He won’t drive, he has such trauma. We were not so ready to build a romance, we just talked and it was kind of party pooper question.

Purpose of Life

He asked, ‘What is your purpose of life?’ I don’t want to be the one that answering, except answering his call. That was sweet journey that I had with him. I will looking for another journey with wolfie. He seems didn’t hesitate to hang out with me. We are so… not mind of each other’s presence.

But it start to fade out… in office.

I hate to say that, but it is really not good one.

I hate it.

Fucking hate it.

Personally, we haven’t been close. We were just talking about things, and now he’s not responding… it’s like he’s trying to dismissing the rumor and got me desperate…

It is like a game of chess, we have to wait for what might come then we will re-strategized the attack. I don’t know what might be, but I am sure, we are so connected in a way that human can’t explain.

Me and Wolfie can do so many things even his ex can’t accomplished. I am confident of that.

Because… things that Wolfie needs is… a comfort.

The Great Wolfie and Mysterious Case


Wolfie can be a huge person. He could make his legacy… I believe with that, as long as the alcohol just be his friend, not his enemy.


In an uncertainty zone… hereby I said… Wolfie, I love you… for your best.

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