Things They Won’t Let Me To Say

I was recalling memories of one stand-up comedian from India, Aditi Mital. Her work is Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say, but I made it like Things They Won’t Let Me To Say. Conjecture of ‘to’ is bringing totally whole different meaning. One or two reason why I write is relevant to this post and this post. I really want to call his name, but I think it is not wise to call his name right away. From a simple injustice to support system I found during my internship.

Things They Won’t Let Me To Say: I am Unique, so Get Over It.

There’s a case few weeks back. I was so down because I was outrun by a youngster. Who loves it? No one. One of reason which I found from people is: ‘He is more warm, always greet’ Oh well, if that’s the reason he lands his job, I think Indomaret or Alfamart peeps could did it better. I realized that being warm, or first-approach is first thing people will score, but I don’t like the world run like that.

Things they won't let me to say

Why choose to be white if you’re born RED?

A word that will represent me is unique, and this is one of things they won’t let me to say in daily basis. That was hard, to accept you’re not competent enough just because you’re not the first, to approach. In another case, I am really nice to people, tend to help them, then it is total wrong, because my Supervisor need to know about it, or at least acknowledge it. Oh, come on. How it will bring the mood into good one?

I am unique, but somehow it is just make me look strange. Having one preferences is good, but to think you’re special enough, is wrong. So, we’re gonna talk about Voldie (short for Voldemort). Well, if you know me well, you must really know what this is mean. From MeaKer, Wolfie, now Voldie. A man. If I can generate my pattern with Men, I’d say that this one is challenging, but I know he won’t even realize about the feeling I had.

One thing makes Voldie special, is his thought about polygamy. Most famous discussion in whole world. Voldie is not contra with it. Can you imagine that? I’ve tried to make polygamy as compulsory and I met someone who ‘decent’ enough yet challenging.


Things They Won’t Let Me To Say: You’re Common sense is not Common.

I have this “common sense” thing is not likeable. How you can justify “common sense” if you’re friend is in your circle and have something in common. Is that even valid?

Okay, I’ll skip this one. This is draining my energy and I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Things They Won’t Let Me To Say: Local People sometimes just too much.

This topic is more subtle than before. I don’t have a valid reason why I have to be with India/Pakistan/Bangladesh man. Experiencing 1 year (and more) with local people, that’s desperate me. For him being dumb, I meant he’s not into books, he didn’t know business lingo and things, I mean how we can talk if he doesn’t understand that?

Diversity, Out Of Topic.

One reason is clear for me is differences. Different languages, which is lead you to minimize your anger before you throw your fit to them. And I don’t have interest in another gene. This new intern at org is so hot, the way he looked at me is somehow melt my heart. But then I realize, Harvard (gonna be alumnae) peeps and Me? Even Voldie is too good for me. I put my self at lowest score, even ‘decent’ man is not a match.

Looking international peeps having a lot of girl friends is normal, but local people like Voldie? It is too much. How many women he has in his friendlists? For (almost) first time, I am insecure about this. Thus I’d really want to punch him in the face. But yeah, I realized that he is everybody’s favorite. I can’t and shall no compare myself to him.

Things They Won’t Let Me To Say: I don’t want to Get Married


Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express said it beautifully. I know, this is not exact scene, but somehow I still believe that, marriage is for perfect people. After marriage, they will asked for a baby and rest. I don’t want to belong in that community.

To be honest, I am tired with this scheme. Don’t ask me when I will marry, I will at the right moment, not now, not later, not in a two months. Till I find another Voldie, with a fun heart. Voldie is fun, sometimes, but I don’t like his nature of dominant (and superior, please). I love his face, but I know he won’t ever be mine. (fan)


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