Thousands of inspiration.

Thousands of Inspirations

To some people, love is an inspiration. While love is, the person not…

I found my muse, in a common place. Unwanted one.

I found you, in a hassle phase of my life. You’re freaking contagious.

I remember one of my friend told about this,

love is an inspirationIf you can’t write about that one, you are not into them.

Vaguely still remember that one. Let me, in my way, write about this one.

You’re an ordinary man with a realistic plan of life. Always in a hurry but always alone. You are really into this quote

If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Very well my friend. Observe universe as much as you can. I couldn’t agree more about your preferences of life. Literature is your way of life. Always bring your kindle, which is kinda strange, who want to have kindle, but you! You are.

Love is an inspiration

I don’t know your story, I don’t know how deep was your thought, but I still remember the first time I nodded at your thought.

Romance is ruining relationship.

Don’t angry at me, but you are right. We just have to get real. It is not always by my side or what, but if you do care, you will tell her, right? If you love her, you will…

Love is a word that means a lot to a girl. Loved by you, but you’ll use her as home, come with tiring eye, and full of stress muscles. That is your relationship, should be, right? One of good, in my thought of one. I’ve tried every single time to him, that we don’t need to communicate each other everyday, but he doesn’t get it, and always get my nerve.

Ah you.


You are my muse in a crowd place that I want to hide. You are my reason to keep strong, you are incredible person. Great one. You will be fucking great person. Good looks, good brain, good personality… Who doesn’t want you. Even you think that no one wants you, but please remember, that you’re awesome to begin with. I assume that lines of woman waiting for you. Yes, as if you be more open…


error: If I were you, I won\'t try it.
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