Why being adult is no easier?

I have this kind of words longing in my head. ‘As if you fail in a relationship and you won’t ever be married?’ I hurt me right away when she said that. To be honest, I have no right to say that I am right or to give such a lame reason for not getting married. Why being adult is no easier?

Adulthood is a Choice

why being adult no easierWhat a bang! There are so many saying that we as human, we’re just aged. Maturity is a choice. So here’s the question, if you’re having a trouble in your beliefs about relationship, is that mean that you’re not mature? What if we’re tired of being adult?

We will face a demand to grow, to be an adult. Have a good maturity level and things. But somehow people just being judgmental. They are just saying that thing is happen with them and they are just doing fine. For Godsake! Why they have to compare it with theirs?

There’s no sign whether you’re an Adult or not except age. I am 24 and I have quite a good age for marriage. Marriage is something that done by adults. Tell me once again. Don’t you even remember about child marriage? Child and adult is opposing each other right? So can we agree that marriage is nothing about age?

Why being adult is no easier

We have common sense, but why we also have to comply about adult common sense? Let’s say about a setting,

Shoos! She’s just a kid.

So why? Rather than we divide those common sense, why don’t we just tell them about the right common sense which will be use in a long term? I love the idea about no dating till you’re an adult. But we always forgot to tell and give a direct parameter what is adult. Because as a young adult, we try to be accepted by the society. Don’t you think that its tiring enough?

Sometimes the pressure is no joke. We have to deal with questions, such:

When are you gonna marry?

Where is your boyfriend?

Why don’t you diet? Put on some makeup?

Why you have no fashion sense?

All those why(s) are tiring enough. We don’t have reason. We are just focusing in our happiness. And happiness is a choice.


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